For Gamers & Enthusiasts

Lets face it. Most of us came to VR to play more immersive games.

This section is specificly for those people who spent a lot of time with/in VR, but not from a business perspective (Although those people could be of great value for pre-launch testings and also some of them maybe want to work in that field someday).

The plan is to build an overview so you can find interesting new VR titles and also connect with other locals to meet&play with them on&offline.

We're still trying to figure out a good way to gather and present this data. Meanwhile - if you want to participate and help us gathering some basic informations upfront - please fill out the form below!


Temporarly - during the information gathering phase:

Please calculate 7 plus 4.

All transmitted data will be stored and - besides your email-address - most likely be made avaliable on this page here later on. If you don't want your informations to show up here anymore, just reach out. (Until a system is in place where you can edit and/or remove your entry yourself)